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Celebrating 20 Years

20 Years

Before and After

Before and After 

We grubbed out yard, installed sprinklers, topsoil, sod, mulch, plants, and a fence.

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Landscape for the future! Landscaping your yard or business will add value to your property.

Most cities and counties have landscape ordinances for businesses. Controlled Rain is ready to help you investigate, design, and install what the city or county has determined to be aesthetically pleasing for the community.


As you are aware, the great northwest also brings the great rains. With this in mind there are certain plants and material that grow well in this area. Let our professional staff give you ideas on your next project.

Hydroseed or Sod

There are several options to get that luscious green final product-GRASS. We can help you choose the right method for your project. We can install sod, spray hydroseed, or spread grass seed. With the right method, fertilizer, and maintenance you can have the healthiest lawn in your neighborhood.