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Make Your Yard the Envy of the Neighborhood

Make your family time at home more enjoyable by deciding to invest in a creative, landscape environment. Creative designs, quality plant material, water conservation irrigation systems, and refined construction methods together make Controlled Rain a market leader.

Controlled Rain's success is due to its talented, creative professionals. The team at Controlled Rain is ready to help you meet your landscape needs by:

  1. Designing and installing a beautiful landscape and an efficient irrigation system.
  2. Educating you on the operation and maintenance of your new landscape environment.
  3. Providing you a warranty tailored to your landscape environment.

A clean landscape and an irrigation system will add value to your property as well as be aesthetically pleasing to you, your neighbors, and the community.

Controlled Rain's professionals can provide you with a prompt and detailed proposal for your project. Give us a call or fill out our online form.

Click here for information on the operation and maintenance of your new landscape environment.

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Controlled Rain tailors its landscape and irrigation warranties to each project.

The most common landscape warranty that Controlled Rain provides is: Landscape plant material will be guaranteed for one full year.

The most common irrigation warranty that Controlled Rain provides is: For a period of one year all materials and workmanship for the irrigation system will be guaranteed.

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