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An automatic sprinkler system is a complex network of pipes, valves, electrical connections and sprinkler heads. It serves as the circulation system for your landscape. It's a complicated process requiring a lot of equipment, as well as an education in landscape design and hydraulics. This is why it's so important to have a professional contractor design and install your system.

Irrigation You'll enjoy having an automatic irrigation system because:

You'll save time - no more hand watering;
You'll save money with lower water bills;
You'll increase your home or business value;
You'll help conserve water; and 
You'll keep your landscape attractive year-round.

Put away the hose and let us design and install your irrigation system.


Sprinkler Heads

Rain Bird Sprinkler Heads - 1800 Series

Controlled Rain uses Rain Bird sprinklers whenever possible. Rain Bird is the largest manufacturer of irrigation equipment in the world and offers the industry the most comprehensive line of quality residential and commercial products.

For more information about Rain Bird visit www.rainbird.com


Sprinkler Pipe


Controlled Rain uses PVC irrigation pipe manufactured by PWPipe. PWPipe offers the widest variety of high-quality PVC irrigation pipe available in North America. PVC's inherently smooth walls provide superior flow characteristics, reducing long-term operating costs. PVC's strength, durability, and resistance to corrosion result in problem-free irrigation systems.

For more information about PWPipe visit www.pwpipe.com



Rain Bird Controller

Controllers tell the sprinklers when to come on and how long to water. There are many controllers on the market. For a residential project we prefer the Rain Bird controllers because they are easy to use.

For more information about Rain Bird visit www.rainbird.com



Rain Bird Valves

Valves open and close to control the water flowing to your sprinklers. Whether in harsh soil or dirty water, Rain Bird valves are designed for the utmost efficiency.

For more information about Rain Bird visit www.rainbird.com


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