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While nature provides a lot of rain in the Pacific Northwest, your landscape still needs help to stay healthy and luscious.

That means establishing drainage systems to manage excess water and irrigation systems to make sure your lawn gets even levels of watering throughout the year.

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An automatic sprinkler system is a complex network of pipes, valves, electrical connections and sprinkler heads. It requires a lot of equipment, as well as an understanding of landscape design and hydraulics. Use our irrigation services to install and design your irrigation system.

We had major yard and home remodeling last year which really messed up much of the sprinkler system.

FIRST, Controlled Rain scheduled us for a time and day that would not affect anyone else's schedule if we had problems.

SECOND, they sent one of their irrigation techs with the expertise to both take the time to see what we had and to learn what had changed so we now needed to adjust something.

THIRD, he took the time to find the issues, fix the problems and put our system back together.


Michor GentemannSatisfied Customer

Irrigation Adjustments

Changes in weather, growing patterns, or state and local regulations can have a big impact on your irrigation plan. Our irrigation services will help you fine-tune your system to save money, conserve water, and keep your landscape attractive year-round.

As always, Controlled Rain does the job quickly and right! This summer they added some irrigation to our garden and put my flower pots on the deck on irrigation. This saved me time all summer by no having to manually water all my deck plants. They take care of our business just as well! I highly recommend Controlled Rain!

Denise HardcastleSatisfied Customer


Too much water can be just as big a problem as too little. Drainage issues can severely impact the health and safety of your landscape. Our drainage systems ensure excess water always has a place to go.

Controlled Rain put in a sprinkler system in my front yard, and drip irrigation in my flower beds. My lawn had been so damaged by the extreme heat last year, I thought it would need resodding, but they were the only company that gave me an honest estimate by saying I didn't need it. They simply fixed it up in the process of laying the irrigation system, reseeded, and fertilized. The result was a vibrant lawn and garden that has lasted through the summer. They’ve earned my trust. I am really pleased with the work that they did, and highly recommend them!

Stephen BurkeSatisfied Customer
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