With a better quality of light, 75% energy savings, and simple maintenance, it’s a wonder anyone is using anything but LED lights RIGHT! 😉


Few neighborhoods are safe from crime anymore, but a major deterrent to even the most seasoned burglar is a well-lit yard. Just coming home late at night will make you feel safer. As you walk to your front door, you will clearly see the entire landscape, even the hidden areas by your shrubbery. Landscape lighting acts as a security system.

Yard Illumination gives you peace of mind, should your son or daughter be arriving after hours. If you’re expecting a delivery, personnel will be able to visibly negotiate their path to your front door.


Consider your property value. You know it will attract the eye of a home-shopper, should you ever desire to sell. A great outdoor lighting system installed by Controlled Rain, LLC is an economical way to enhance your property value.

Not only does it provide the added feature of security, it highlights your landscape’s best features. Up-lighting can enhance tall trees and other well-established plants, which are great for your land’s value.


Controlled Rain, LLC will use less energy than their traditional counterparts, up to 75% less, cutting your energy bills by three quarters! While the initial purchasing cost of these lights may seem more expensive, they pay for themselves many times over before they eventually, years and years from now, burn out.


Decorative touches are limitless. Landscape lights will illuminate your deck. They can highlight figurines in your shrub beds, like your favorite garden gnome! Entrances will be visible. Split rail, wood fences, and rich stone walls will be illuminated. Brick paved-driveways will be lit so their cobbled texture will be visible at night. Your waterscape deserves to be seen, as well as heard, at night.


You don’t have to jump into your new system cold. Before you buy, we will send a designer to your yard to help you envision the project and how it will improve the look and utility of your yard. We will determine the focal points of your yard, the highest traffic areas, and your power usage and devise a plan to keep your outdoor living spaces well-lit and use able well after the sun goes down.

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