In the Winter, the sprinkler system is turned off and winterized removing all water from pipes to avoid freezing and breakage. So in the Spring, the system needs to be turned back on.

A Spring Start Up refers to recharging your sprinkler system with water.

Industry standard recommends that in the Spring, you have a licensed professional turn back on your system and recharge it with water. A Controlled Rain Sprinkler Spring Start Up consists of a trained technician:

  1. Recharging your system with water by turning the water on at the main valve.
  2. Turning your controller on and manually turning on each zone.
  3. Going through each zone to make sure there aren’t any breaks or debris in the pipes, valves, sprinkler heads, or nozzles.
  4. Cleaning out valve boxes due to critters kicking up the dirt or knawing on the wires.
  5. Clearing away grass from sprinkler heads so they can pop up correctly.
  6. Making sure the controller is operating and programmed properly.

After the Spring Start Up, the technician will:

  • Perform any repairs with customer permission.
  • Make recommendations for sprinkler system: for instance, your shrub sprinklers may need to be resized due to plant growth or add some drip irrigation, etc.
  • Educate customer on water efficient strategies to help save time, money, and water.
  • Create a diagram of your system with products used for future repairs. We can come to your home prepared with the correct brands, sizes, etc.

If you are interested, want more information, and would like to see our Spring Start Up video, click on the link below:

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