World Water Day was founded in 1993 by the United Nations and has worked with local partners and communities to solve the water and sanitation crises. Each year, on March 22, we join together to highlight the global water crisis and celebrate the progress made to date.

While different organizations use it to highlight the impact of water on one day, uses the entire week to lift up its mission: sustainable safe water access for the 780 million people currently without it. The goal is to make this a reality in our lifetime. So let’s celebrate water, the progress that’s been made, and that progress we are continuing to make.

In an effort to save water, Controlled Rain is offering a smart controller at a discounted price. A smart controller can save customers 30-70 percent in water. This type of controller is a weather-based schedule system that measures instantaneous rainfall data and calculates and adjusts the watering schedule preventing over- or under-watering. Each zone is customized to the location, soil type, landscape slope, plant density, sun exposure, sprinkler types, and root requirements optimizing the watering schedule while reducing water waste and runoff.

If you are interested in participating in World Water Day in the month of March and would like to take advantage of a discounted Smart Controller, click on “Are your Sprinklers Ready for Spring” and fill out the form and we will contact you to set up a time to install it.

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