Mary Ann Dickinson, President and CEO of Alliance for Water Efficiency, was a keynote speaker at a Rain Bird conference in January 2013. She educated irrigation professionals from all over the nation as well as Canada on water usage, water efficiency, and water conservation. The Alliance for Water Efficiency is dedicated to the efficient and sustainable use of water; and it brings together diverse range of stakeholders to advocate for water-use efficiency and conservation.

According to Dickinson, Nationwide research shows landscaping as using the most water on a daily basis [See Diagram].

Landscape – 58%
Toilets – 11%
Clothes Washers – 9%
Showers – 7%
Faucets – 6%
Baths – 1%
Dishwashers – 1%
Other – 7%

Two terms she educated us on were:

  • Water Efficiency refers to the product: lowest flow rate; and
  • Water Conservation refers to the behavior of consumers using the product.

We can help the water efficiency movement by upgrading our irrigation systems with more efficient fixtures just like we did with our indoor plumbing industry. This will help change behavior to think use less water for water conservation when irrigating our yards and shrubs.

You can save up to 40% of your water use by switching out your fixtures to Green Seal products offered by Rain Bird. This translates into being environmentally responsible as well as saving money on utility bills. How much water do you use in your landscape? Are you still using a hose to water your plants, shrubs, and grass? Do you have an efficient sprinkler system with a smart controller watering only when needed? There are many ways to save on your water use.

If you want help figuring out your water usage, you can find a calculator on Rain Bird’s website:

Or you can call an irrigation professional to audit your system and make recommendations.

At Controlled Rain, LLC we have a certified water auditor on staff and also have highly trained technicians that can make these water saving recommendations. Call us today at 360-456-7578 to schedule an appointment.

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